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Make an Offer button not displaying

If you have already followed Show Make an Offer button article and you still do not see the Make an Offer button on your product pages, please ensure to check below points.

  1. Ensure you added the button code (for pre-Shopify OS 2.0 theme) or added the Lury Button block(for Shopify OS2.0 and above). Refer here.
  2. Ensure you enabled atleast one product as in here. You can also enable collections to have the Make an Offer button for all products under that collection.
  3. Ensure the product you are testing is not explicitly blocked by you. You can block a product at Manage Products page within the app in Shopify Admin.
  4. If you have installed the app in the last couple minutes, please give it bit more time to sync your products list from Shopify to the app. 5 mins post installation should suffice.
  5. Make sure that product is not Sold Out.
  6. Ensure the app is not disabled at the app Settings page.

If the Make an Offer button still not displayed at your product page, please reach us at We would be happy set everything up and confirm your back when it’s done.

We need collaborator access to setup at your store. We will send a request via Shopify and you can approve it.

Product(s) or collection(s) not showing up with the app

Ensure that you have approved the subscription. If not, open the app at Shopify Admin and approve the subscription. Post the subscription the import and other tasks will be done in the background. It might take upto 5 mins for the sync to finish.

I don’t like the button alignment on the page. I want to change it’s position or style.

We would be happy to help apply the button position or style per your store theme, feel free to let us know at

I want to use custom language translations for each text on the popup.

We provide ready made translations for over 8 languages that are displayed on the pop up automatically based on the site’s language. But if your language is not on our list, OR you want to have different text (and so the translation), please download & fill this excel sheet and email it to us at Post that we will update them for your store and inform you as soon its done(usually in a day).

List of languages we support with ready made translations.

  • German
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Russian
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